Body Beautiful

November 28, 2018

Body Beautiful

The skin you're in

As a short, petite person, with a flat butt, flat chest and post-mom bod—I've never loved my body, but I never hated it either. I've always just been *bleh* about it. For someone that loves fashion, you'd think I would have my shit together, but I have the same mom/girl probs that you do. I have moments where stuff never fits and sometimes—I don't know what the heck my style is. Pants are always too long and hang from my butt like a soggy diaper gone wrong.

Take this sweater for example. I was instantly smitten, but was like - ugh, here we go again. I'm too short, too flat, yadda yadda .. to wear this. It's giant on me. But then, I paired it with over-the-knee boots and it transformed into a cute oversized tunic dress. Then I tucked it into these jeans for an easy/comfy look. I popped it under an oversized blazer with high waist jeans for a third look. It now hangs in my closet as my most loved sweater.

The little stories we tell ourselves

You see—most of the time, if something doesn't fit right, we instantly think the issues lie with our body. We stare at that beauty in the mirror, because we're too this.. or too that. We pick apart every god-given bone, until our self-perspective skews itself into oblivion, that we start to believe those little stories we tell ourselves. And you know what? None of it is true. Actually—it's just in how we view the clothes we wear. With a little change in perspective and some creativity, WE control the way we dress, as much as WE control the perspective we have on our bodies.

Pink Liberty Blog Post Body Beautiful FlowersAs I've grown older and after having two kids, I've learned to accept what I can't change—because this is me.





And I pushed out two watermelon nuggets (aka my kids), so I think that this body is doing something right. And let's get real sisters—I'm only gonna get shorter. Plus, being short has its bonuses. There's always someone taller than you to reach the high stuff that you're just too damn lazy to get—wink, wink. 

#loveyourself #selfrespect #bodypositive


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