How to Save Time and Plan Your Weekly Outfits Like a Pro

February 24, 2020

Pink Liberty Blog How to Save Time and Plan Your Weekly Outfits Like a Pro

How to save time—plan your weekly outfits!

Pink Liberty Blog How to Save Time and Plan Your Weekly Outfits Like a ProPhoto: Substance YYC

If I told you that you could save loads of time by planning your outfits, would you do it? We live in a time-deficient society, and we all know that every minute counts. For those of us with families, we’re always on the go, with packed schedules and someone to drop-off somewhere, at all hours of the day. We get accustomed to ransacking our closets in the morning, with maybe five minutes to spare, and attempt a somewhat decent look. But is that how you want to show up for yourself?

Taking 20-30 minutes to plan your weekly wardrobe can shave hours off of decision-making (or indecision in my case) in the mornings. Play some music, grab coffee or a side of wine and it's time well spent.

Think of it like meal-prepping, except with your clothes!
Here are my tips for planning your weekly wardrobe:

1. Know what you're doing and where you're going. What you have on the go, will dictate outfits for the week, by function and purpose.

2. Always have a set of go-to basics that can be easily paired with anything. Items like our super soft striped v-necks and tunics can be dressed up or down.They make great additions to your capsule wardrobe for easy dressing you don't have to think about.

Pink Liberty Blog Build Your Wardrobe with BasicsPhoto: Substance YYC

3. Check the weather. This is obvi, but I suggest dressing in layers, so that if it gets cold or hot, you're covered.

4. Wear the same thing more than once. Yup! I do this with bottoms or cardigans a lot, and just change up my tops/footwear. Saves on laundry and less clothes to pull!

5. Invest in a steamer or use the steam cycle in your dryer to quickly get wrinkles out. Great for those items I wear more than once a week to re-fresh. Well-pressed, is well-dressed!⁠

6. Get a separate rack to pull your outfits and hang your wardrobe for the week. Seeing everything together visually will help with tweaking your outfits and also give you a sense of accomplishment. I recommend this rack from Amazon, or Ikea has great, inexpensive options as well.

7. Don't forget accessories, hats, jackets and footwear. They complement your outfit and create interest and textures.

Pink Liberty How to Accessorize and Plan Your OutfitPhoto: Sydney Butters Photography

8. Take pictures of you wearing the outfit and save to an "outfit" folder on your phone. Categorize looks by occasion or purpose (e.g. work looks, date night etc.). This way you have easy reference for future looks.

9. If you get bored with your outfits or need inspiration, check Pinterest, Google trends and see if you can incorporate what you already have in another way. Someone else's interpretation will fuel ideas for an amazing outfit.

10. Throw in an extra outfit if you can, in case your schedule changes. That way you can swap things up at the last minute.

Questions? Comment below, email me and I'd be happy to help!
You’ll be a pro-outfit planner in no time!
Happy wardrobe planning!


Owner, Pink Liberty

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